Linux Shell Scripting for Virtual hosting

Hello Guys, Today we will discuss the shell script code for Apache Virtual Hosting. Actually, I was working on the different multiple applications to install on my local server and every time I need to execute all the commands and sometimes I forgot to execute some commands or forgot the process So I plan to create a shell script for this and I had written this code.

Now We…
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How to create and extract .tar.gz file

Hi Friends, Here we will discuss how to create and compress the folder into the .tar.gz file Compress the file or folder:

I had used the sudo before tar command because it will not have any permission issue. Here are the switches actually mean: -c: Create an archive -v: It is used for display the progress on the screen.It is optional so you can skip it -z: Compress the…
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Mysql command for database import

Hi Friends, Today we will discuss the mysql database import using the command line tool. This is the command is used for the import the data from .sql file and put into the mysql database.

Here server_name is the server name. it could be localhost or server name user_name: database user name database_name: database name where you want to import .sql file data  

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