Storing Session data into MySQL database

Hi Guys, Today we will discuss on store PHP session data into MySQL database. Its most critical part of the application when our application runs on the shared server and session data is hijacked or injected harmed by an attacker. So we need to be careful on this. Everyone knows that my session data is stored by default into the /tmp folder and this is writable by all users. For…
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Store Zend based Logging into mysql table

Hello Guys, Today we will discuss on how to store zend logging data into the mysql table. First of all we need to create Here is the code given below:

Save Zend Session data into mysql table

Hello Guys, Today we will discuss on the how to store Zend Session data into mysql table. Step 1: First of all, we need to create the mysql table where we will store session data.

Step 2: Now we will open the Bootstrap class and create a method named __initCoreSession.

Step 3: Now we will create the config array to map mysql table columns with

Step 4:…
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Error Reporting in PHP

Basically when our application is LIVE then we don’t want to show any error/warning on the screen if it will show on the screen it will make a bad impression in front of a client and we doesn’t want to loose our credibility at any cost. So we need to disable the errors showing on the screen of a user and need to logged those errors/warnings information so that we…
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